Articles on Traveling Employee Doctrine

Traveling employee By Deborah A. Benzing & Anita M. DeCarlo Workers’ Compensation Law, January 2014 On December 19, 2013, the Illinois Supreme Court issued its Decision in The Venture-Newberg-Perini, Stone & Webster v. the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, a highly anticipated decision addressing the traveling employee doctrine.
Traveling employee theory does not extend to employer tort liability By Jason G. Schutte Civil Practice and Procedure, December 2013 The traveling employee concept from workers compensation cases cannot be utilized to hold an employer liable for its employee’s tortious conduct through respondeat superior
Pipe-fitter fits the role of a traveling employee By Catherine Krenz Doan Workers’ Compensation Law, January 2013 A summary of Venture-Newberg Perini Stone and Webster v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.
Employers face liability for employee multitasking on the road By Sherrie Travis Corporate Law Departments, March 2007 A recent out-of-court settlement reinforces the need for employers to warn employees about the danger of electronic multitasking on the road.

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