Articles on Vapor Intrusion

Illinois EPA submits new vapor intrusion proposal By Raymond T. Reott Environmental Law, February 2011 Unable to completely resolve the objections to its original proposal, despite a long stay of the rulemaking proceedings, the Illinois EPA finally decided to bring forth a new and different proposal to add a vapor intrusion pathway for indoor air exposure to the Illinois TACO Cleanup Rules.
Update on vapor intrusion rulemaking By Becky J. Schanz Environmental Law, July 2009 In September 2008, the Illinois EPA submitted Rulemaking 09-9 amendments which add indoor inhalation exposure routes for vapor intrusion to TACO and update the remediation objectives for all exposure routes.
Pollution Control Board questions Illinois EPA proposal on vapor intrusion By Raymond T. Reott Environmental Law, April 2009 On March 17, 2009, the Illinois Pollution Control Board held the second public hearing on the Illinois EPA proposal to add a vapor intrusion indoor air inhalation pathway to the existing TACO cleanup objective system.

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