Articles on Whistleblower Law

Court Expands Retaliatory Discharge Tort, Rejects Whistleblower Claim By Michael R. Lied Labor and Employment Law, May 2018 Illinois follows the at-will employment rule, but recognizes an exception when the discharge violates a clear mandate of public policy.
How much is a whistleblower waiver really worth? By Keith Paul Bishop Business and Securities Law, December 2016 If you walked into a Las Vegas casino and placed a bet on a single number at the roulette table, the probability of winning would be 0.02631579. However, even that very low probability is nearly 17 times better than the probability of obtaining a whistleblower award.
Dodd-Frank provides incentives and enhanced protections for individuals to blow its new, shiny “whistle,” but Sarbanes-Oxley’s old whistleblower protections may have more luster in certain situations By Michael R. Karnuth Business and Securities Law, September 2014 Provided here is an explanation of (I) the DFA’s award and protection provisions, and how those provisions differ from SOX’s whistleblower provisions for considering which provisions to select and utilize; and (II) the procedures for submitting eligible information and seeking an award from the SEC under the DFA.
Whistleblower Act decision By Jewel N. Klein Administrative Law, January 2013 The creativity of lawyers never ceases to amaze, although new theories and arguments are not always successful. Brame v. City of North Chicago, is one such example.
Illinois courts interpret Whistleblower claims By Michael R. Lied Labor and Employment Law, July 2012 Summaries of the cases of Brame v. City of North Chicago and Michael, et al. v. Precision Alliance Group, LLC.
Whistleblower Act decisions By Jewel N. Klein Administrative Law, March 2012 A summary of the creatively argued case, Brame v. City of North Chicago.

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