Articles on Women and The Law

Creating gender equality: Takeaways By Sandra Crawford Women and the Law, April 2019 Key takeaways from a recent panel presentation on creating gender equality in the workplace.
Share your talents! By Marylou Lowder Kent Women and the Law, February 2019 An overview of three programs managed by the Standing Committee on Law Related Education for the Public that present attorneys and judges with opportunities to volunteer their time in their communities toward the advancement of civics education.
Chair’s column By Lori Levin Women and the Law, December 2018 A note from the Committee on Women & the Law chair, Lori Levin.
Fast facts about our female U.S. Supreme Court justices By Andrea Kmak Women and the Law, December 2018 Although the women who have served on the U.S. Supreme Court represent a small minority of the justices, they have nevertheless contributed to the Court in their own unique ways. 
Good news column Women and the Law, December 2018 Uplifting updates from various members of the Standing Committee on Women & the Law.
Women rule the legal profession in Cuba By Elizabeth Reynolds Women and the Law, December 2018 A discussion of the legal system in Cuba.
A year as chair of the American Bar Association Judicial Division By Judge Ann Breen-Greco Women and the Law, October 2018 Judge Ann Breen-Greco reflects on the opportunities she has had to work on justice and the rule of law as her year as Judicial Division chair with the American Bar Association comes to a close.
Remembering the past, working on our future—ISBA Women and the Law Committee Chairs Women and the Law, September 2009 A list of those who have served as Chair of this Committee.
Women and the Law Committee—University of Illinois School of Law outreach By Stephanie K. Nathanson Women and the Law, March 2009 The Standing Committee on Women and the Law is looking forward to our upcoming program at the University of Illinois School of Law (U of I) on April 23, 2009.
Your Opinion Needed! ISBA’s Standing Committee on Women and the Law Examines Committee Goals—and we need your help! By Amie M. Simpson Women and the Law, November 2007 Why are we here? What is our purpose? It’s an age-old question that has puzzled great thinkers for centuries…

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