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2000 Articles

Agreement for shared ownership of farm equipment By Darrel F. Parish August 2000 Several years ago, a farm loan officer at a country bank told me that I would soon be busy preparing agreements between farmers relating to shared ownership of farm machinery, because the machinery was getting so expensive
Agriculture Law Section Council nominates Al Bock as Laureate By Paul A. Meints November 2000 The Agricultural Law Section Council unanimously recommends Professor C. Allen Bock for Laureate Designation status.
Crop share rental arrangements and sample lease By Paul A. Meints March 2000 The following Crop Share Lease with provisions for cattle has its origin in the Cooperative Extension's form that was developed many years ago, being updated for items and farming practices that have changed in the interim and which, in it's author's opinion, are outdated or missing in the older format.
Federal prosecution of farmer for killing birds November 2000 An 80-year old retired Mascoutah farmer was Federally prosecuted on criminal charges this summer, and faces more civil charges from the State of Illinois.
GMO contract issues: practical tips for advising clients By Jeffrey Quick August 2000 Production agriculture in Illinois continues to witness remarkable as well as revolutionary changes.
HB3093: Tree clearing legislation sent to Governor for approval By James D. Cottrell August 2000 In May of this year, House Bill 3093, concerning tree and soil conservation was submitted to the governor for his signature.
Horse show participant fails to prove willful and wanton conduct by horse show sponsor By Teresa Vamos November 2000 On November 23, 1999, the Illinois Appellate Court, Fourth District, in Lessman v. Rhodes, No. 4-99-0262 (4th District, November 23, 1999), issued the second reported court decision in Illinois interpreting the Illinois Equine Activity Liability Act (745 ILCS 47/1, et. seq.).
Illinois State Bar Association Agricultural Law Section Council meeting minutes November 2000 Attended by: Paul Meints, Chairman; Barb Stille, Vice-Chair; Paul J. Evans, Secretary; Mike Drone, David Hoff, Mike Massie, Jeff Mollet, Darrell Parish, Ronald Periard, John Rehn, Ken Eathington, Ray Watson
Iowa Attorney General offers contract information to producers By Barbara Stille August 2000 The Iowa Attorney General recently launched a new Web site designed to assist Iowa farmers in making better contracting decisions
The meaning of minerals in Illinois By Mike Drone November 2000 It is quite common in Southern Illinois to sever the mineral estate from the surface estate when conveying land.
Merchandising claimants entitled to 85% of claim upon liquidation of elevator assets By James D. Cottrell August 2000 In Adams Farm, et al. v. Doyle, et al., Docket No. 4-97-1096 (decided March 28, 2000), the Fourth District recently interpreted the Grain Code and held that merchandising claimants were entitled to 85% of their claim in a grain elevator asset liquidation.
Natural drainage: rights and responsibilities By Jeffrey A. Mollet November 2000 In the November 1999 issues of Agricultural Law, James Cottrell provided readers with an excellent analysis of mutual drainage issues involving man-made drains
Offer and acceptance for sale of farmland By Paul A. Meints November 2000 The sale of residential real estate in Illinois typically starts from a Purchase Agreement or an Offer and Acceptance that has some standardization for that particular county's norms
Practice aid for deed preparation By Paul A. Meints November 2000 Preparing deeds for clients is a common event for nearly every member of the Agricultural Law Section.
Procedural glitch concerns lenders to agriculture By Joseph P. Chamley & James W. Evans November 2000 With changes in Article 9 effective January 1, 1998, certain agricultural-related continuation statements (UCC-3's) that were previously required to be filed with the county recorder's office must be filed with the Illinois Secretary of State's UCC Division.
Supreme court upholds agricultural land use exemption By Barbara Stille March 2000 On December 2, 1999, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a long-awaited opinion on the issue of whether county zoning laws apply land used for agricultural purposes.