2017 Articles

7th Circuit reverses trial court action under Rule 59 over strong dissent By William D. Brejcha December 2017 A summary of Prime Choice Services, Inc. v. Schneider Logistics Transloading and Distribution, Inc.
Evolution of state policy: Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) By Kristin Munsch December 2017 The Future Energy Jobs Act, enacted in December of 2016, takes the first step towards reconciling environmental and energy policies which might conflict, such as lowering energy consumption and maintaining a robust electric distribution system.
Fifth Circuit finds state law cargo damage claims related to tank washing services preempted by Carmack Amendment By William D. Brejcha May 2017 This decision in Heniff Transportation Services, LLC v. Trimac Transportation Services, Inc. will add further support to the well established authority supporting Carmack Amendment preemption of state law claims against motor carriers relating to cargo loss and damage on interstate shipments.
Illinois appellate court affirms judgment for hostaged load victim By William D. Brejcha April 2017 Bullet Express, Inc. v. New Way Logistics, Inc. promises to be a useful precedent on which victims in future hostage load situations will be able to rely upon in pursuit of any wrongdoing entity(ies) if forced to pursue litigation.
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Illinois Appellate Court reverses summary judgment to carrier on a broker back solicitation claim where broker’s customer had first solicited carrier By William D. Brejcha December 2017 A discussion of Quality Transportation Services, Inc. v. Mark Thompson Trucking, Inc.