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Newsletter Articles From 2018

Courts weigh in on judicial notice By Michael R. Lied December 2018 Summaries of Khoja v. Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. and In the Matter of Steven Robert Lisse, two recent cases that discuss the concept of judicial notice.
Dec. 1, 2018 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure By Patricia S. Smart November 2018 An overview of the amendments to rules 5, 23, 62, and 65 fo the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that will take effect on December 1. 
A new federal rule of criminal procedure is likely on the way, but will it affect practice in Illinois federal courts? By Eli Litoff and Kelly Warner May 2018 While the production of electronically stored information has become the norm in civil litigation, many criminal defense attorneys believe that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure have lagged behind and provide insufficient guidance.
Northern District Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot Project passes one-year mark November 2018 An updated on the Northern District of Illinois on Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot Project after its first year.
Pattern civil jury instructions for the seventh circuit By Judge Iain D. Johnston December 2018 An overview of pattern jury instructions and how they are created.
Removal bid founders for lack of Article III standing By Michael R. Lied June 2018 The Seventh Circuit provided a useful reminder about removal of a case to federal court in Collier and Seitz v. SP Plus Corporation, holding that it is improper for a defendant who removes a case based on federal question jurisdiction to subsequently file a motion to dismiss for lack of Article III standing.
The Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program gets new name, website November 2018 Updates on the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program.
Why ESI is not like fine wine: Recent changes to the ancient documents exception to the hearsay rule By Daniel Thies May 2018 The rise of electronically stored information in litigation has undermined the three rationales for the ancient documents exception to the hearsay rule.