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Newsletter Articles From 2006

Update from the 94th General Assembly By James K. Weston November 2006 The General Assembly concluded the Spring 2006 Session in May, over a month after the initially announced end of session, April 7.
Warranty of Title, Negligent Misrepresentation, and the Moorman Doctrine By John C. Murray October 2006 In a recent decision by the Illinois Appellate Court, Midfirst Bank v. Abney , the court ruled in favor of the title insurance company under the “Moorman doctrine” in effect in Illinois.
What is a “right of first refusal”? By Gary R. Gehlbach December 2006 Occasionally, a client will ask that I prepare a “right of first refusal,” or a “right of last refusal,” or a “last right of refusal,” or a “right of first and last refusal,” or some variation on this notion.
What is a title company’s product? By Greg C. Anderson April 2006 Gertrude Stein wrote “[A] rose is a rose is a rose.” The Illinois Supreme Court’s unanimous opinion in First Midwest Bank v. Stewart Title Guaranty Company can be summed up in a similar fashion: “A title commitment/policy is a title commitment/policy is a title commitment/policy.”
Why are most downstate lawyers locked out of real estate sales—A downstate lawyer’s response By Steven P. Zimmerman December 2006 The cover page of the August, 2006 Illinois Bar Journal featuring Helen W. Gunnarsson’s article entitled “Beyond ‘Deed and Green’” asks “Why are most downstate lawyers locked out of real estate sales?”