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This is the second of what hopefully will become a regular column in the ISBA Senior Lawyer Section Council newsletter. That is up to you.  If you like it (or even if you don’t), if you have suggestions on  improving it or what we should write about, please let us know. Hopefully you will take a turn in contributing a column on your own “Best Practices” or problems you have in using technology. Please feel free to join our committee, and let us know what you need.

Discussion Group

Doug Knapp, a member of the ISBA staff, has established a new senior lawyers discussion group and 117 people signed up within the first three days. One attorney posted a question and Eugenia Hunter responded based on her knowledge and experience.  Three others also shared their experience. This discussion group will focus on concerns of senior lawyers, and discussing books or travel, or anything that interests you. Please let us know what you want to discuss by signing up at


Save time if you regularly send e-mails to the same group of people. Instead of typing a number of e-mail addresses, a listserve address will cover a small group, a whole section or even an organization. Most do not allow attachments for security reasons.

ISBA Senior Lawyer Web site

We are working to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our website and hope you will send us links you have found useful in your practice or in your leisure. Please check out <> and let us know what you think, and especially how to make our website a better member benefit, by submitting things you have found worthwhile in your senior days.

ABA Senior Lawyer Division Web site


Check this out for ideas, books, Experience magazine, Voice of Experience newsletter, books for senior lawyers and on Elder Law, travel opportunities, CLE programs, Women Trailblazers, awards, and much more.

SPLASH ID (and other Password and Personal Data Applications)

Having observed some recent discussion on the Senior Lawyers Section ListServ, it is apparent that many of us struggle with how to access and safely store all of the various passwords, account numbers, pins, log-ins, usernames and other identifying information needed to deal effectively with today’s technology. Not to endorse any particular product, but we use Splash ID Safe Secure Data Vault on iPhone 5 (and previous iPhones) to store all passwords, etc. You also use the desktop version to wirelessly sync all of that information to your PC., and vice versa.

We saw that some people keep a written record of all of their passwords, etc. in their offices or homes and refer to them when needed--if they can find them. It should go without saying that there is a better way! Reference to Splash ID is literally three to five times a day for a username or password or account number or pin when checking websites, paying bills on line, etc. When stored on your phone (and it works with all types, not just Apple products), that info is constantly with you—available when needed. There is no need to worry about who can access it, or what happens if you lose your phone—there is only one password you need to remember to access the App. The data is protected by the industry standard in encryption (AES and 256-bit Blowfish for those of you who know what that means) and it syncs automatically with your PC or Apple computer so that it is available there as well as on your phone. You can make entries or edits on either device and the revisions/additions automatically appear on the other. For those of us who find memorization a little harder these days, it provides real peace of mind and saves a lot of time. The App for the phone costs $9.95 and the desktop version for the PC is $19.95--the first time you avoid fumbling around for a forgotten password or experience being locked out of a Web site due to your mistaken attempts to remember which one goes with which site, we think you will agree that the money is well spent. Check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Apple TV

While the business uses of this product are limited, we encourage senior lawyers (who are often also grandparents) to check out this device from Apple. It is a small box (about 4” square) which attaches to your HD TV with an HDMI cable. It works over your wireless network and allows you to play music from your iPhone, iPad, computer, etc. on your HD TV by just pressing the AirPlay icon on your device. In addition to music, and more importantly for those grandparents, photos and movies can also be watched on the large HD TV screen, utilizing your surround sound system. You can also use it to view web pages which are on your phone, iPad or computer, making them a lot easier to read. For $99, it is worth investigating.

iPhone 5

Was setting the alarm and running 3 browsers to get into the Apple and AT & T sites on 9/14/12 worth it to get the iPhone 5 (not to mention paying $650.00 for the 64GB version since the upgrade time from the 4s had not expired) by the 9/21/12 initial availability date? Absolutely!

At the time of this article, we have just begun to realize all of the new features (most of which, admittedly, are the result of the iOS 6 software upgrade and therefore available on older iPhone models like the 4s, 4 and earlier). The larger screen is a real plus for we “more experienced” lawyers and the optics are amazing. The 2 HD cameras (front 1080p, rear 720p) with 8 megapixels obviate the need to use any other camera. The new panorama option allows almost 360 degree pictures, with great clarity.

Siri (which allows you to virtually avoid typing) is also greatly improved. You can have it access apps, make calls, etc. and the dictation is almost flawless. There is no learning time.

The battery life and sound are also improved. App revisions are being made, literally by the hour, and accessories are also becoming available by the day. There will be more to come on this amazing new device in future newsletters. It’s even lighter. Check it out or call us; we will be happy to waste your time filling you in on all of the details!

The next issue will focus on Links to useful sites for senior lawyers and on elder law, so please send your favorites. ■

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