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Chair’s column

We have another great newsletter for you. I think you will find Don Mateer’s article “Travel Tips 101” extremely helpful if you are planning a trip overseas in the future. You will also find informative the article by John Phipps and Frank Ariano in which they debate the merits of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Then, in response to several requests for a basic Medicare article, Janet Morgan, a SHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program) counselor since 2006, has provided a very informative basic article about Medicare. This is Part One. Part Two will deal with supplemental insurance, Part D and Part C of Medicare. Finally, Donald Shriver has reviewed two books that you will like if you enjoy adventure stories about true events. A special thanks to the “guest” authors. ■

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Your time and the contributions of all that make the newsletter a reality are much appreciated.
-Rich Caifano

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