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Chair’s column

First, I want to thank Barbara Slanker, our Chair, for her leadership last year and the other members of the Senior Lawyer Section Council who did so much last year.

Next, I want to let you know some of the things we will be providing this year. One of the most important is to review member benefits, learn from our members what they like, what they want from us in the future and what they want to do.

Strategic planning is so important that, as we were getting ready for our annual meeting, I asked everyone to share their ideas and needs so we could start planning. Our annual meeting got us off to a good start and I appointed Frank Ariano, our Vice-chair, to chair our Long Range/Strategic Planning Committee. We recruited past chairs and those going up and got started on our Strategic Plan.

We are repeating our very successful CLE program “Computer Basics: Is This Thing On?” This year it will be in Springfield at Lincoln Land Community College. We have our four presenters along with other Senior Lawyers and Young Lawyers who will assist with “Hands On” tutoring so that each attorney registered will have someone to help with each computer of the 24 in the computer lab.

Our CLE Committee is planning a number of Webinars on a variety of subjects. Watch for their announcements.  If any of you want to suggest a course, make sure you tell us.

On the front page of this newsletter is a link to our survey. Please go there and fill it out as soon as you can and submit it, because our council intends to spend a great deal of time discussing the results at our October 9th meeting, after our morning CLE program. We want your input as we continue planning for this year and the next.

You will hear more from us and we hope you will share your needs, wants and your expertise. Please send your ideas to JudgeEdS@gmail.com and I will share them with the committee and council.

Member Comments (1)

Thank you. The agenda is interesting.I look forward to a good year for the Seniors. Your programs designed to guide us through the maze of technology that is so important to a practitioner of any age, are appreciated
-Richard Caifano

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