A few words from the Chair

At the outset, I would be remiss in not acknowledging the leadership and hard work of our outgoing Chair, Hon. Ed Schoenbaum (ret.). Ed’s organization and knowledgeable participation at all levels was exceptional.

As we commence the 2016/2017 Council year, I hope you will bear with me while I tell you a little about the make-up of the Senior Lawyers Section Council. Its mission is to provide service to and create service opportunities for ISBA members who have reached age 55 or have practiced law for at least 25 years. That Section which the Council serves is the largest of the ISBA (approx. 12,500 members and growing), and it’s free.

In the 10th year since its creation, the current 22 member Council, (with the exception of this Chair) is composed of an impressive roster, including seven past ISBA presidents, two retired Judges and both practicing and retired lawyers from most areas of the law and the State, with decades of bar leadership and service experience. As this year’s Chair, I am honored (and a little intimidated) to be part of this distinguished and important group.

The Council utilizes 8 committees (Strategic Planning, CLE, Technology for Seniors, Mentoring, Member Benefits, Social, Website and Legislation) to conduct its work and present proposals and programs for approval and incorporation by the Council. As we hope you know, we have an active Listserv covering topics of interest to Section members, ranging from substantive legal issues to novel advice, such as vehicle storage in humid climates! We also produce at least three newsletters each year with diverse articles covering technology specifically related to senior lawyers (e.g. Leonard Amari’s article “Cyber Fraud and Cyber Security — What’s this all about and is this something as a practicing lawyer I have to worry about and to further complicate my life?” in this issue), relevant CLE, all aspects of retirement issues, book reviews (e.g. Gary Rafool’s review of “Those Angry Days” in this issue) and insights from practitioners who have “been there and done that.” Governed by our Long Range Plan (prepared using the input of those who participated in last year’s section member survey), we continue to search for ways we can be of further benefit to senior lawyers.

Our technology CLE targets the “seasoned” attorney who most often is not readily comfortable with the regular use of computers, smart phones and tablets (e.g. “Computer Basics 2016: Is This thing On?”-10/14/16—Glen Ellyn). As you also hopefully know, at least for practicing lawyers, we no longer have the “luxury” of leaving technology to the youth of our profession. Our substantive CLE programs are usually conducted in cosponsorship with substantive committees or sections (e.g. “From Legal Practice to What’s Next: The Boomer Lawyers Guide to Smooth Career Transition”-10/19/16-CRO-Chicago).

The Council meets 4 or 5 times during the year, with its committees meeting in the interim. As Senior Lawyers Section members, you may and are encouraged to stop in and to participate, not only in the meetings of the Council, but also the committee meetings. The dates/times of the various meetings are available from Council members (see the Council roster on the ISBA website or feel free to contact me at fariano@comcast.net). I will do my best to get right back to you (after golf, bike riding, hiking, fishing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or traveling that I may be doing here in Colorado or elsewhere). Retirement can be so time consuming!

So, now that you know a little more about who we are and what we are doing on behalf of the ISBA senior lawyers, we hope you will be more inclined to participate in our activities and receive/provide benefits to/from those who who still believe in and utilize networking and socializing with those who share your life experiences, both professionally and otherwise. Membership in the Senior Lawyer Section has many untapped benefits. Use our Listserv, read our newsletters (better yet, contribute an article) and attend our senior specific CLE programs. Help us add to those benefits by contacting our Council members with your questions, suggestions, proposals and concerns, upon which we will act. There is one thing you hopefully already know as a senior practitioner or retiree: having fun while “working” is OK. We will be happy to assist there, as well. Contact us or come to a meeting and see for yourself.

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