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View your mail before it is delivered

Have you ever wondered what will be delivered by the mail carrier? Or have you been on vacation and wondered if a certain piece of mail has been delivered to your address? Wonder no more. The Post Office has an app called “Informed Delivery.” When you download this app, you receive an email that links you to the mail that has been scanned for that day for your address. The app says no more than 10 pieces will be scanned, but that is not correct. I have received more than 10. However, this is only for normal-size mail, not magazines or larger pieces. There is a separate part of the app for packages. You do not have to wait for the email. I have found that around 6:00am – 7:00am you can pull up the app and view your scanned mail for the day.

I was leaving for about two weeks and still had not received a Father’s Day card from one of my children. The first day I was away I checked “Informed Mail” and there was the card. I texted thanks to my son for the card, letting him know that I got it but obviously had not been able to open it. I did not have to wait for two weeks to find out if I had received a card. If you receive an important piece of mail and have someone checking your home for mail, you can have that piece located and read to you. Even if you are at home, it is kind of fun knowing what will be in your mailbox that day.

Another helpful part of this app is the ability to notify the Post Office that a piece of mail that was scanned was not delivered. Under each scan is a box to check if you did not actually receive that piece of mail. I have not had an occasion to use this option, so I cannot say what happens when this is checked.

I hope you find this app as helpful as I have.

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It would help a lot if you included a link to the app

The IOS app is Informed Delivery.

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