June 2018Volume 9Number 3

Security checkup

Security Planner is a free security planner online that is a great tool to use to check the security of your computer, phone, tablet, etc. Also, you can check the security of your email, social media accounts, online shopping, and banking. You can get information on accidentally downloading viruses, malware, or other harmful software. You can get information on protecting your data if your device is lost or stolen, and information on improved privacy for your communications. You can check one or as many boxes as you wish. Most of the information is free but, for the more sophisticated problems or issues, software recommendations will be given.

This is just one example of a suggested plan for safeguarding your online accounts, browsing more securely, and securing your internet connection. Here are more: 

  1.  Two-factor authentication (free), two articles.
  2. Password manager (variable cost). 
  3. Security checkups (free), two articles. 
  4. Security Key ($18), three articles.
  5. Spot Suspicious Emails (free), three articles. 
  6. Privacy Settings (free), seven articles. 
  7. Password Alert (free), two articles.
  8. Advanced anonymity & security guides (free), two articles.
  9. Check website names (free), two articles.
  10. Privacy Badger (free), three articles
  11. Virtual Private Network (variable cost), three articles.

I highly recommend visiting this site and checking your security.  Most of the information is free so there is no reason to hold back.  The Illinois Supreme Court has stated that a lawyer must keep up with technology and take reasonable steps to safeguard clients’ information or face the possibility of malpractice suits and/or rules violations. Since most of this information is free and easily accessible, you should not ignore what can be done to improve your computer and phone security.

Member Comments (2)

Are there supposed to be links to the articles for the 11 additional subjects?  I don't see them.

The link was omitted from the article.  The link is www.securityplanner.org

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