Basic computers for seniors: The next step

On May 15, 2019 from 8:45AM to 1:00PM at Illinois State University, in Bloomington, the Basic Computers for Seniors: The Next Step will again be presented in a computer lab with hands on instruction.  The agenda for the program is as follows.

  1. Windows 10. This program opens with a brief lesson on the basic operations of the computer and Windows 10, the latest update to Windows. The emphasis is focused on individualized training in which the presenter and our team of hands-on instructors help you overcome any difficulties you may have with the basic operation of the computer and Windows. 
  2. Basic Email Security. The attendee will learn how to scrub, encrypt and then attach a document to an email. In addition the attendee will learn how to unsend an email that was sent and how to default to "reply all."  
  3. Microsoft Word Essentials for Lawyers.  Both attorneys who are new to drafting and those who are well versed in Microsoft Word will learn how to effectively use the program's features to streamline their practice. Attendees will review the program basics, become acquainted with tracking changes, and learn how to add signatures, footnotes, and tables to their documents.  
  4. Accessing the Internet.  The attendees will learn how to proceed at their own pace as our team of experienced instructors show how to access the internet for communicating with others, doing basic research, like Google searches, Outlook for Calendars, email and some legal research. In addition, they will learn online resources that are useful in the day-to-day practice of law.  
  5. Cyber Security. The attendee will be introduced to the threat posed to lawyers and their clients by computer hackers, and what to do about them. The need for cyber security defenses will be discussed from the standpoints of mitigating operational, financial and ethical risks.  

At the end of the program there will be a panel discussion by the presenters with the opportunity for all attendees to ask the experts any questions they may have.  This has proven to be a well-received program with limited space due to the number of computers available.  Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you watch for the enrollment to begin and sign up as soon as possible.

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