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The newsletter of the ISBA’s Section on State & Local Taxation

March 2012, vol. 55, no. 9

One more thing to love about Fastcase

Consider the following scenario: Your new ISBA newsletter just arrived and in it is a summary of a recent case that piques your interest. Now you’d like to find the actual court opinion—how do you go about it? You’ll have to search a legal research database to find it, right?

Not anymore!

Now whenever a case is cited in a newsletter article on our website it’ll appear as a link that will send you directly to the case in Fastcase. No more searching, no more wasted time.

Take this excerpt from the February issue of the ISBA’s Civil Practice & Procedure newsletter, for example:

The court cited Casciola v. Gardner, 101 Ill.App.3d 852, 428 N.E.2d 921 (1st Dist. 1981) and Needy v. Sparks, 74 Ill.App.3d 914, 918, 393 N.E.2d 1252 (1979), in its discussion regarding a judgment creditor’s conduct that would excuse a defendant from payment of interest.

This single sentence now contains four links to Fastcase to help you instantly find the case you’d like to read.

Thousands of ISBA articles, all with convenient links to Fastcase. And ALL of this is free to ISBA members.

Don’t you just love it when your research gets easier? ■