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2004 Articles

A note from the editors By Mary Ann Connelly & Stanley R. Kaminski October 2004 This is a reminder for those of you who registered for the 2004 IDOR Practitioners' Meeting, on the 5th Floor of the State of Illinois Building, 160 North LaSalle Street on November 5, 2004.
Real property tax advantages of a Class L (Landmark) designation By Karen Dimond June 2004 Under the Cook County Real Assessment Classification Ordinance, non-residential property that has been designated a landmark building or a contributing building in a historic or landmark district may be eligible for a "Class L" designation.
Recent decisions in real estate tax cases By Timothy E. Moran April 2004 Appellate court reversed granting of agricultural exemption, and remanded for application of four-part test to determine the property's primary use.
Recent decisions in real estate tax cases By Timothy E. Moran March 2004 Appellate Court affirmed granting of charitable-use exemption to senior housing facility.
Swilley, et al. v. County of Cook, et al. By Steven Kandelman July 2004 Factual Background: The Plaintiffs, a group of taxpayers, challenged the Cook County Treasurer's authority to transfer property to the City of Chicago, for no cash.
Taxpayers beware: Illinois broadens its state and local real estate transfer taxes By Stanley R. Kaminski April 2004 Effective June 1, 2004, the Illinois Real Estate Transfer Tax has been expanded to include not only transfers of real property by deeds and beneficial interests in land trusts, but also: (a) the transfer of ground leases that provide for a term of 30 years or more; and (b) the indirect transfer of an interest in real property as reflected by the transfer of a controlling interest in a real estate entity.
United Airlines, Inc. v. Maria Pappas, Cook County Treasurer and Ex-Officio County Collector (Ill. App. Ct., 1st Dist., decided 2/27/04) April 2004 This is a consolidated appeal for the 1994, 1995 and 1996 tax years, which involves United Airlines, Inc.'s objection to the real estate assessment pertaining to its leasehold interest of terminal space at O'Hare Airport.
Update on Tax Cases (06/01/2004 to 10/25/2004) November 2004 Recent cases of interest.
USX Corporation v. White (1st. Dist. 2004) By John B. Truskowski May 2004 The appellate court upheld the Illinois Secretary of State's determination that a reverse triangular merger was not a statutory merger for Illinois franchise tax purposes.