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Newsletter Articles From 2012

Should your client consider a change of residency to avoid state estate taxes? By Margot Gordon February 2012 To avoid state estate and income taxes, individuals who own homes in more than one state may be considering changing their residency to a state other than Illinois. Before one of your clients makes this decision, you will want to make sure that your client understands that changing his or her state residency can be fairly complicated.
To list or not to list… By David C. Thies and Michael Shea July 2012 Although an outside document may be incorporated by reference in a will, there are at least two potential drawbacks of choosing this approach.
Top 10 myths of Medicare By Richard L. Kaplan September 2012 Part One in this series providing an overview of the most significant myths of Medicare.
Top 10 myths of Medicare (Installment two of a three-part series) By Richard L. Kaplan October 2012 Part Two in this series takes a look at Medicare's funding.
Top 10 myths of Medicare, Part III By Richard L. Kaplan November 2012 This is the third and final in this series on Medicare.
A tribute to Franklin Hartzell By Darrell Dies May 2012 Respected attorney Franklin M. Hartzell, a lifelong resident and prominent Carthage attorney, died Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at the age of 88.
Trust protectors By Thayer J. Herte February 2012 How can the grantor ensure that after their death, their irrevocable trust is not modified in a way that totally turns on end or completely overrides their original intent? One option that has recently gained much attention is to name someone to be a “Trust Protector.”
Upcoming CLE programs By Tracy S. Dalton September 2012 A look at some of the upcoming CLE programs sponsored by the Trusts and Estates Section Council.
Updating and cleaning out estate plan files By John Ahern June 2012 Tips to provide you with a starting point when you need to "clean house."
Whither the remainderman By Robert W. Kaufman and Amanda M. Byrne April 2012 A discussion of the recent case of Carter v. Carter, and its treatment towards trust remaindermen.