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Five ways to enhance your credentials as a new family law practitioner

1. Become a Certified Mediator. The demand for mediation is growing in the field of family law. Some jurisdictions now make it mandatory to attempt to resolve ongoing conflicts with the assistance of a mediator in certain stages of the litigation process.

2. Train in Collaborative Law. Many parties, whether to reduce conflict or save on costs, elect the more amicable route of a collaborative divorce process. Lawyers trained in facilitative negotiations are increasingly sought after.

3. Teach CLE Courses. By teaching industry courses, you will greatly improve your understanding of a particular area of law and others will come to know you as an expert in that niche. This is a great way to gain exposure and credibility amongst your peers, which may lead to referrals.

4. Write Articles for Industry Publications. There are a plethora of newsletters and magazines eager to publish fresh content. Publication will provide you with great exposure to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Do not forget the added bonus of increased search engine optimization linking your name to your article online.

5. Serve Your Local Bar Association. Bar associations are a rich resource loaded with opportunities to become appointed to leadership roles and attend events where you can socialize with like-minded individuals while growing your professional network.


Marie Sarantakis is a family law practitioner with Umberto Davi & Associates, P.C. in Western Springs, Illinois. She currently serves an an appointed member of the ISBA Young Lawyers Division, Co-Chair of the Chicago Bar Association's Law Student Division, and Vice Chair of the ABA Young Lawyers Family Law Division.

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