Lawyers and the practice of law are impacted by the actions of a wide range of government and non-governmental entities.  Lawyers are, of course, directly regulated by the Illinois Supreme Court through the Rules of Professional Conduct and other Court registration and practice rules. But lawyers and the practice of law are also affected by state and federal administrative agencies, non-governmental actors like bar associations, and for-profit businesses in the legal services marketplace. The ISBA monitors the activities of these entities on behalf of the ISBA membership and the broader legal profession and, where appropriate, seeks to inform and influence them through rulemakings, commentary, and other actions. 

ISBA Proposals Pending with the Illinois Supreme Court (as of March 2, 2020)

Limited Scope Representation

Proposed amendments to S. Ct. Rule 13 re: automatic withdrawal upon completion of limited scope representation.

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Succession Planning

Proposed new rule concerning law practice designated representatives (Submitted July 17, 2018).

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Lead Generation

Amends Comments to Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5, 1.15, 1.18, 5.4, and 7.2 (Submitted February 21, 2018).

Rule 769

Proposed amendments to Committee Commentary on maintenance of lawyer records (Submitted April 11, 2017).

    ISBA Comments on Pending Proposals before the Supreme Court Rules Committee

    On June 4, 2020, the Illinois Supreme Court published on its website eight new rule proposals and a notice of public hearing on June 24, 2020.


    In April, 2019, the Illinois Supreme Court published on its website six new rule proposals and a notice of public hearing for June 19, 2019. The ISBA solicited comments from relevant section councils and committees and filed formal comments.


    ISBA Comments re Supreme Court Proposals

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    ISBA Comments on Legal Profession Related Proposals or Action

    Recent Law Graduates and COVID-19

    ARDC Matching Services Study

    Lead generation and fee sharing

    ISBA Articles/Materials:

    CBF Task Force on the Sustainable Practice of Law and Innovation

    Proposals to Re-regulate the Practice of Law

    PTAB Lawyer-Legislator Proposal

    ABA Advertising Revisions to Model Rules of Professional Conduct (Adopted August 6, 2018)

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    Legal Services Corporation Funding

    Every year, the ISBA joins with other Illinois bar associations and legal foundations to lobby Illinois’ congressional representatives to preserve and increase funding for the Legal Services Corporation in order to help Illinois’ neediest citizens access important legal services.

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