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September 2010, vol. 16, no. 1

New! 2010 Guide to Illinois Statutes for Attorneys' Fee - This handy edition lists provisions in the Illinois Compiled Statutes that authorize the court to order one party to pay the attorney fees of another. No matter what your practice area, this book will save you time – and could save you money! Buy it at http://www.isba.org/store/books/2010attorneysfees

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Upcoming CLE

Housing Justice v. Housing Injustice: How Unfair Housing Practices Keep Segregation Intact - Part 2: Landlord Privileges/Defenses and Tenant Rights/Remedies
February 22 - Online Course

Housing Justice v. Housing Injustice: Part 3: Mortgage Fraud, Subprime Lenders, and Foreclosure Crisis
March 22 - Online Course

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