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Union employee lacks standing to challenge an arbitration award absent allegations that the union breached its duty of fair representation; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Practice and Procedure | By
Jeffrey K. Kroll
Find out what you can and can't say in that all-important last statement to the jury.
Tort Law | By
John J. Meehan
Under Illinois law, non-settling defendants can be unfairly deprived of their set-offs, this author asserts.
Real Estate Law/Environmental Law | By
H. Alfred Ryan
Here's how to lower the property-tax bill for clients who own contaminated real estate.
Civil Practice | By
Jim Ryan
Don R. Sampen
The state can and does bring civil suits on behalf of its citizens. Here's the background on the parens patriae doctrine.


Editor’s Note | By
Stephen C. Buser
TV lawyer dramas aside, closing arguments really are a critical moment in every trial. In this issue, Jeffrey Kroll outlines the dos and don't of closings for Illinois lawyers.
President’s Page | By
Timothy L. Bertschy
Season's Greetings The Bertschys  Tim, Janet, Pierce and Lauren
The Lawyer’s Journal | By
Bonnie McGrath
RICO and privacy and fraud (and family law), oh my!
Practice Tips | By
Hon. Larry S. Vandersnick
Defendants can be sentenced more harshly when they refuse to express remorse -- even for crimes they insist they didn't commit.
Practice Tips | By
Steven A. Greenberg
Here's an overview of state and federal law governing the admission of evidence of prior misconduct.
Malpractice Prevention Update | By
Anne E. Thar
This 12-step plan will help you enter the 21st Century with a fresh approach to your practice and a lower risk of malpractice.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
Todd H. Flaming
At least you don't need to build a bomb shelter ... or do you?
Legal Communication | By
Maureen B. Collins
The difference between the right word and the wrong word is the difference between ... regardless and irregardless.