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March 1999Volume 87Number 3Pages 117-176

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Illinois Law Update

An attorney discharged by his law firm employer has no remedy of an action for retaliatory discharge; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Estate Planning | By
Stephen M. Margolin
Mitchell D. Weinstein
Dynasty trusts can be just the estate planning device your client needs, but take care not to run afoul of rule against perpetuities and the Internal Revenue Code.
Estate Planning | By
Paul A. Meints
Do your clients know they can use trusts to encourage good behavior by trust beneficiaries? This questionnaire can help you help them do value-based estate planning.
Legislation | By
Michael J. Kasper
The author argues that there is a better way for courts to limit legislators' power to combine diverse subjects into a single bill and offers an alternative.
Juvenile Law | By
Michele M. Jochner
A review of important changes wrought by this sweeping new law.
Employment Law | By
David E. Krchak
A primer on wrongful discharge, with an emphasis on employee handbooks and retaliatory discharge.


Letters to the Editor
Workers' comp; allow penalties for meritless claims
Editor’s Note | By
Stephen C. Buser
For you estate planners, we offer an article by Messrs. Margolin and Weinstein on the interplay between dynasty trusts and that law-student's nightmare, the rule against perpetuities.
President’s Page | By
Timothy L. Bertschy
One of the fundamental tasks of a lawyer is to find the law and communicate that authority to others.
The Lawyer’s Journal | By
Bonnie McGrath
The "Frye plus reliability'' standard.
Practice Tips | By
Leslie D. Star
Here's how to size up a prospective (or an opponent's) psychologist-expert.
Finding Illinois Law | By
James E. Duggan
You loved 'em as a kid and as a law student — now that you're a lawyer, don't overlook encyclopedias as you begin your legal research.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
Paul Sullivan
Attorneys are not above the laws of good marketing; ignore them at your peril.
Legal Communication | By
Maureen B. Collins
Attorneys are not above the laws of good marketing; ignore them at your peril.