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May 1999Volume 87Number 5Pages 229-288

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Illinois Law Update

An injured person may file a product liability suit within two years after the date of injury, even if the repose period expired in the meantime; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Illinois Supreme Court | By
Tim Eaton
Nancy J. Arnold
Sweeping constitutional questions took a backseat to more prosaic — but still important — matters.
Illinois Supreme Court/Criminal Law and Procedure | By
James H. Reddy
The high court laid down the law last year on proper procedure in guilty-plea appeals and more.
Employment Law | By
Chief Judge Joe Billy McDade
Robin Washburne Cozette
, and
Kimberly Prince Klein
A review of the murky law in this area, with model jury instructions and special interrogatories to guide practitioners.


Letters to the Editor
Single-subject rule: falling on the sword of Damocles?
Editor’s Note | By
Stephen C. Buser
Once again we've called upon members of the Appellate Lawyers Association to look back on the preceding supreme court year, and once again they've delivered a thoughtful and thorough review.
President’s Page | By
Timothy L. Bertschy
Lawyers have a unique heritage as public citizens.
The Lawyer’s Journal | By
Bonnie McGrath
The high court revisits the single-subject rule.
ISBA Senior Counsellors Honored
Association records indicate that the following members, most of whom were admitted to the bar in 1949.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
Paul Sullivan
Now lawyers can conduct real estate closings and distribute checks before the buyer's check has cleared, putting them on a level field with title companies and lenders.
Finding Illinois Law | By
James E. Duggan
The court of claims is an unfamiliar realm to many lawyers; here's a guide.
Legal Communication | By
Maureen B. Collins
Give your audience what it wants; first, though, figure out who your audience is.