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November 1999Volume 87Number 11Pages 561-620

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City did not have a duty to construct road medians to be safe for use by emergency road vehicles; and more.

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Employment Law | By
J. Stuart Garbutt
Joseph M. Friedman
The Illinois Supreme Court ruled last year that merely allowing employees to continue work may not constitute consideration for unilateral modifications of employee handbooks. Here's how to deal with Doyle.
Employment Law | By
Tamara L. Vergara
If a document does not alter the presumption of at-will employment, it may be beyond the reach of Doyle, this author argues.
Family Law | By
Joy D. Fisher
If a single parent names someone other than the noncustodial parent as guardian of the child, do courts enforce that wish? It depends.
Estate Planning | By
Richard A. Campbell
Christopher D. Dwyer
Illinois' recently enacted rule-against-perpetuities statute permits estate planners to create perpetual trusts, and that opens new estate-planning possibilities. The authors describe the options.


Letters to the Editor
More on modifying custody
Editor’s Note | By
Stephen C. Buser
Employment law in the spotlight Doyle v Holy Cross Hospital, one of the most important employment-law cases this year, is the centerpiece of this month's Journal. Two sets of authors consider the case and its implications from different perspectives and offer pointers to help you serve your employer-clients.
President’s Page | By
Cheryl Niro
One of the memories of my childhood is the day I had a fight with my best friend. Funny, I don't remember what caused the argument.
The Lawyer’s Journal | By
Bonnie McGrath
Watch out, HMOs.
Practice Tips | By
Julie A. Braun
Here's how to meet the special needs of older witnesses and help them testify more effectively.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
Paul Sullivan
If you really want to succeed as a lawyer, you need a plan.
Finding Illinois Law | By
James E. Duggan
When confronted with those occasional (but inevitable) questions about foreign law, where do you turn? Read on and find out.
Legal Communication | By
Maureen Beth Beazley
You don't have to read every word of a writing sample to assess its quality. Here's what to look for.