Illinois Bar Journal

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November 2001Volume 89Number 11Pages 553-608

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Illinois Law Update

Federal Boat Safety Act preempts failure-to-install claim; legislation authorizes sale of decedent's real estate on Net; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Civil Practice | By
William F. Zieske
The northern district adopted a policy that could cause public disclosure of sealed documents; will other courts follow suit?
Evidence | By
Hon. Robert W. Cook
William Siebers
A critical look at the statute from a justice of the fourth district appellate court.
Real Estate Law | By
Thomas J. Bamonte
Edward C. Snow
Illinois courts are divided about whether property owners should get the full protection of the statute.
Attorney and Client | By
Karen J. Dilibert
Learn how to identify the prospective clients you should turn away.
Real Estate Law | By
Mavis W. Kennedy
A review of federal and state predatory-lending laws, including new regulations from the Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate.


President’s Page | By
Tim Eaton
In August we lost a legend in our profession. William G. Clark was a lawyer, a former legislator and legislative leader, a former two-term attorney general and a justice and chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court. Justice Clark's contributions to the legal profession and to all three branches of Illinois government are too numerous to mention.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
Paul Sullivan
Need a loan to grow your practice or even out cash flow? Here's what your banker has to offer and what you'll be asked to provide in return.
Legal Communication | By
Maureen B. Collins
Aching to "do something"? Every small act of courtesy and civility helps in the wake of September 11.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Adria P. Olmi
A roundup of helpful Web sites and other family-law 'Net resources.