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September 2003Volume 91Number 9Pages 421-476

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Illinois Law Update

Party granted new trial foreclosed from seeking appellate review; gov. signs criminal-justice legislation; changes to child-abuse reporting; and more.

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Family Law | By
Richard W. Zuckerman
Find out what constitutes impermissible spending of marital assets by a spouse in a failing marriage.
Family Law | By
Celia Guzaldo Gamrath
A comparison of the civil visitation abuse statute and criminal visitation interference law.
Family Law | By
Michael W. Kalcheim
Companies still use stock options; here's how to apportion them.
Family Law | By
Debra DiMaggio
Should the wealthy wage-earning spouse be awarded a disproportionate share of marital assets generated through his or her efforts?
Estate Planning / Taxation | By
David A. Berek
An overview of Illinois' newly "decoupled' estate-tax scheme.


President’s Page | By
Terrence J. Lavin
In the months before I assumed the presidency of your Illinois State Bar Association.
Law Office Management & Technology | By
John W. Olmstead
Small-firm lawyers can no longer ignore marketing and hope to survive, let alone thrive. Here are tips for ramping up your marketing effort.
Legal Communication | By
Maureen B. Collins
The observant couch-potato can actually learn a lesson or two from the tube about effective communication.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Paul D. Callister
Is legal research a science grounded in precise measurements or is it an art based on subjective editorial judgments? And does it matter?