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September 2005Volume 93Number 9Pages 429-488

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Illinois Law Update

Motion for summary judgment must be based on pleadings; maintenance provisions of IMDMA revised; reporting requirements defined for appointees with interests in state contracts; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Illinois Supreme Court | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
New Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas shares his views on civility, mandatory CLE, and more.
Bankruptcy | By
James J. Haller
William A. Mueller
The new act takes effect next month: here are the most important changes to Chapters 7 and 13.
Contracts | By
Joseph Siprut
Can, say, the child of divorced parents force Dad to pay for college as he promised Mom he would? Find out how and when to use this theory on behalf of your clients.
Juvenile Law / Appellate Practice | By
Charles P. Goldbert
Kass A. Plain
When can lawyers for parents, children, and other parties seek appellate review in child protection cases? This article discusses the details.
Criminal Law | By
Larry R. Wells
When a court interprets a statute in favor of a criminal defendant, must that interpretation be applied to events that happened before that case  was decided? Yes, this author opines.


President’s Page | By
Robert K. Downs
If we want to improve the image of our profession, let's improve the practice of family law.
Civil Practice | By
James E. Pfander
While the Illinois Supreme Court's most recent qui tam case is a victory for plaintiffs, it further clouds standing doctrine.
Business Law | By
Lin Hanson
Pre-planning helps make endings happy – or at least less unhappy.  
Finding Illinois Law | By
Thomas Keefe
A necessary first step in legal research is to identify what an answer might look like and where one might find it.