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February 2008Volume 96Number 2Pages 47-108

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Illinois Law Update

Time between voluntary dismissal and refiling - its impact on due diligence; Missing Persons Identification Act; food prep rules require disclosure of compliance with Islamic laws; and more.

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Real Estate Law | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
Notice of foreclosure creates a personal crisis for your home-borrower clients. Here's how to counsel them.
Lincoln Award Winner Civil Practice | By
Nathan T. Kipp
In Bell Atlantic, the U.S. Supreme Court announced a new federal pleading standard. But its impact on federal pleading practice in Illinois is unclear.
Workers’ Compensation | By
Christopher E. Kentra
Lawyers who represent manufacturers, insurers and others need to understand the Kotecki gap and the supreme court's ruling that most insurance policies don't cover it.
DUI / Criminal | By
Eric R. Waltmire
Police sometimes administer preliminary breath tests to drivers stopped on suspicion of DUI. When and how are the results admissible in a hearing? Here's a look at the cases.
UCC | By
Peter C. John
Razor v Hyundai Motor America changed Illinois law by limiting the failure of a remedy to the remedy itself and not implicating the limitation on damages. 


President’s Page | By
Joseph G. Bisceglia
Where we are with CLE, UPL and more.
For New Lawyers
Judgments against joint tenancies.
Loss Prevention | By
Karen Erger
If you take away one small skill from the workplace every day, you can build a useful, satisfying career.
Estate Planning | By
David A. Berek
The standards and penalties long app-licable to income tax returns now apply to estate and gift tax filings.
The Judge’s Corner | By
Hon. Ron Spears
What can we do to improve the accuracy and honesty of witness testimony? Not enough.