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September 2011Volume 99Number 9Pages 425-480

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Court finds subject matter jurisdiction in patent-related legal malpractice claim; back seat passengers must wear seatbelts; changes in deer hunting regs; and more.

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Law Practice Management | By
Helen W. Gunnarsson
Too many lawyers - especially new ones - undervalue their services. It's a short-sighted approach that can lead to big trouble, this lawyer argues.
Estate Planning | By
Steven E. Siebers
What happens if the federal estate tax exclusion goes back to $1 million? What are the implications of decoupling the Illinois from the federal tax? A look at these and other questions.
Tort Law | By
Christ S. Stacey
Plaintiffs use requests to admit to establish the reasonableness of medical bills. A recent appellate case holds that defendants must either admit or deny the request or explain why they can't.
Family Law | By
Andrew R. Schwartz
Thomas J. Kanyock
, and
Karen Jeffreys
Sometimes a dissipation-of-assets claim under the IMDMA isn't enough when a recalcitrant spouse hides assets. Never fear - the Illinois Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act is here.
Business Law | By
Elizabeth A. Prendergast
A look at key differences between the Illinois and Delaware LLC statutes and how they might affect hypothetical clients.


And while you're figuring out Twitter…; Highest objective of legal education is preparing "educated citizens."
President’s Page | By
John G. Locallo
You can't afford not to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Civil Practice | By
Professor Jeffrey A. Parness
How should legal parenthood at birth be established when children are born into civil unions?
Business Law | By
Owen R. Burgh
Terrence J. McConville
LLC members and managers are protected from personal liability even after the LLC is involuntarily dissolved. Here's a call for change.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
Now the supreme court publishes the official version of Illinois cases - here's what it means.