Illinois Bar Journal

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January 2013Volume 101Number 1Pages 1-56

Practice News


Legal Technology | By
Maria Kantzavelos
Are you ready for service by e-mail? Filing at 11:59 p.m.? The electronic record as official court record? Effective January 1, the Illinois Supreme Court has taken a big, 21st-Century step toward making e-filing the norm and not the exception.
Search and Seizure | By
Michele M. Jochner
In Arizona v. Gant, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed warrantless searches when an arrestee is unsecured and can reach the passenger compartment or it's "reasonable to believe" incriminating evidence "might be" inside. But Gant raises as many questions as it answers - here's a look at how Illinois courts have reacted.
Tort Law | By
Elizabeth Felt Wakeman
Gregory J. Barry
Thanks to a 2007 statutory change, juries are permitted to consider grief, sorrow, and mental suffering in wrongful death cases. Here's advice for trial lawyers about how to approach this relatively untested element of wrongful-death damages.
Media and the Law | By
Esther Seitz
The author argues that Illinois courts should embrace tweeting and other microblogging by reporters as an immediate and non-disruptive way to acquaint the public with the workings of the judiciary.
Employment Law | By
Kara M. Pomerantz Principe
Counsel to contractors, governmental bodies, and workers take note: recent changes to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act and the law interpreting it have broadened its reach and toughened requirements and penalties. Find out what it means for your clients.


A Message from the President-Elect | By
Paula H. Holderman
Looking for a chance to lead? To grow? To make a difference in the Illinois State Bar Association and the legal profession? Then consider nominating yourself for one of our many section councils and committees for 2013-14.
President’s Page | By
John E. Thies
How ISBA is fighting efforts to allow non-lawyer ownership.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
A fresh look at websites that offer free online municipal codes.
Family Law | By
H. Joseph Gitlin
Denying a client the lawyer of choice should not be done lightly.
Real Estate Law | By
Steven B. Bashaw
When do lenders have standing to foreclose? Cases run the gamut.