Illinois Bar Journal

The Magazine of Illinois Lawyers

November 2013Volume 101Number 11Pages 545-596

Practice News


Illinois Supreme Court | By
Ed Finkel
After a four-decade ascent through all levels of the Illinois court system, Rita Garman becomes Illinois's second female chief justice.
Employment Law | By
Kenneth J. Vanko
Lawyers for business seeking to restrict competition by ex-employees should consider creative options designed to stand up better to judicial scrutiny.
Unauthorized Practice of Law | By
Kimberly Glasford
Downtown Disposal held that a layman's UPL on behalf of a corporation does not automatically void the proceedings. But the author argues that lawyers still have many UPL-fighting tools.
Tort Law | By
Christopher T. Hurley
Mark R. McKenna
A recent Illinois Supreme Court decision holds that parents can recover for emotional distress if they win a claim for negligent genetic counseling, even if they suffered no direct physical injury.
Sidebar | By
Michael P. Cogan
A recent case illustrates that in claims for loss of society in wrongful death cases, the rebuttable presumption of a substantial pecuniary loss is sometimes illusory.
Estate Planning / Taxation | By
Robert J. Kolasa
Under Illinois law, income from a trust created by an Illinois resident is taxable even if the trust is not otherwise connected to Illinois. But is the state tax constitutionally infirm?


Cell phones behind the wheel, courthouse fashion, e-filing.
President's Page | By
Paula H. Holderman
Real law careers begin with the ISBA.
A Message from the President-Elect | By
Richard D. Felice
Looking for a chance to lead? To grow? To make a difference in the Illinois State Bar Association and the legal profession? Then consider nominating yourself for one of our many section councils and committees for 2014-15.
CLE Spotlight | By
Mark S. Mathewson
What duty do you have to clients if your laptop is stolen?
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
Twitter is a great way to send and receive breaking legal news.
The Judge's Corner | By
Hon. Ron Spears
Our courts are ill-designed to meet the needs of pro se litigants. The supreme court is responding.