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March 2014Volume 102Number 3Pages 105-152

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Illinois Law Update

Auto insurance policies cannot exclude the only named insured; new rules apply to state educator licenses; new ground rules for funeral license denial or revocation; and more.

See cases, legislation, and administrative agencies.


Marketing Your Practice | By
Janan Hanna
Sites like Avvo that rate lawyers and encourage consumer reviews are evoking reaction positive and negative in the legal community – and posing interesting ethical challenges.
DUI | By
Larry A. Davis
The Medical Cannabis Act makes important changes to DUI law, some of which are likely to inspire litigation.
Law Office Management | By
Cheryl L. Anderson
Legal employers increasingly recognize that diversity in their workplace is important to success. Yet many overlook disability diversity. Here's why that's a mistake.
Injunctions | By
Justin A. Maleson
R. Douglas Rees
A party facing an injunction gains leverage by persuading the court to impose a high bond. The plaintiff, on the other hand, wants a low bond or none at all. Here's how to argue both sides.
Real Estate / Mortgage Foreclosure | By
Tracy Steindel Ickes
Illinois law presumes lenders are entitled to possession of commercial property during foreclosure, and defendant-mortgagors aren't likely to overcome that presumption.


President's Page | By
Paula H. Holderman
Lawyers must get comfortable with practice-related technology or risk losing business and running afoul of ethics rules.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
There might be a broken link here or there, but the Law Library of Congress is still a great portal to free legal resources.
Best of Discussions
ISBA lawyers offer advice about what to do when parents can't or won't pay your fees for serving as guardian ad litem of a child.