Illinois Bar Journal

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May 2014Volume 102Number 5Pages 205-256

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Illinois Law Update

Same repose period for legal malpractice claims by clients, non-clients; failure to report sexual abuse of a child now a crime; public aid applications may now be submitted electronically; and more.

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Family Law | By
Janan Hanna
Choosing the right clients and managing their expectations may be the two most important jobs for any family law practitioner.
Taxation / Employment Law | By
Brian Roth
Many restaurants impose a set gratuity on large groups to make sure servers get their fair share. But a new IRS ruling classifies automatic gratuities as service charges, not tips.
Tort Law | By
Scott Gilbert
How can you tell whether economist-experts' damages estimates will help or hurt your case? You'll find important clues by looking at how they make a few key calculations.
Bankruptcy / Business Law | By
John T. Wagener
Kenneth D. Peters
The Series LLC gives sweeping liability protection to those who use it. But will it shield an umbrella entity in bankruptcy and under UCC Article 9 from liability incurred by debtor subunits?
Civil Practice | By
Jessica Livieres
Andrew Cho
, and
Hon. E. Kenneth Wright Jr.
This article explores the background and purpose of Federal Rule 68 and how to address its many shortcomings should Illinois adopt a similar offer-of-judgment provision.


Health care POA form is "clear and sufficient."
President's Page | By
Paula H. Holderman
Reflections on an exhilarating, exhausting year.
Finding Illinois Law | By
Tom Gaylord
Tax season is over, but the IDOR website is a year-round resource.
The Judge's Corner | By
Hon. Ron Spears
Some companies and plaintiffs want to revert structured settlements to lump sums, and judges have the final say.
CLE Spotlight | By
Mark S. Mathewson
Blogging drives prospective clients through social media to your website.