2021-2024 Strategic Plan

Our History

Founded in 1877, the Illinois State Bar Association is the premier legal association in the state. As a voluntary organization of more than 28,000 members, the Association's primary focus is to assist Illinois lawyers in the practice of law and to promote improvements in the administration of justice.

Organization Values

  • Service to the profession.
  • Practice support for attorneys in all practice settings.
  • Vital connector between the courts and the profession.
  • Support for diversity, equity & inclusion.
  • Advocacy for practicing attorneys and the rule of law.

Illinois State Bar Association 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

Goal 1

The ISBA sustains its culture of organizational excellence while strengthening its governance, technology & other operations.

We will achieve this by the following strategies:

  1. Regularly evaluating ISBA programs, processes and communications to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of all stakeholders.
  2. Ensuring the technology infrastructure follows best business practices and is poised to meet the future needs of members and the Illinois State Bar Association.
  3. Developing governance, member and administrative structures that provide for broad-based decision making and timely action.

Goal 2

Through its communication efforts and advocacy, the ISBA serves as the voice of the Illinois attorney.

We will achieve this by the following strategies:

  1. Building the effectiveness of member and nonmember communications.
  2. Speaking out on issues that impact the core values of attorneys and providing opportunities for action.

Goal 3

The ISBA works to enhance member experience & communicate value to members & potential members.

We will achieve this by the following strategies:

  1. Supporting each active member’s professional competence and continuing professional development.
  2. Increase support for new lawyers as they transition into practice.
  3. Ensuring that the Association’s in-person and virtual offerings suit members’ needs.

Goal 4

The ISBA builds and expands upon partnerships to work towards a better profession & legal community in Illinois.

We will achieve this by the following strategies:

  1. Enhancing our collaboration efforts with the judiciary and courts to improve the administration of justice.
  2. Supporting and providing opportunities for members to participate in access to justice initiatives.
  3. Strengthening relationships with local and statewide affinity bar associations.

Goal 5

The ISBA empowers and develops emerging and established leaders who represent the full spectrum of the legal community.

We will achieve this by the following strategies:

  1. Leading and coordinating diversity, equity and inclusion efforts throughout the ISBA and in the profession at large.
  2. Creating more intentional pathways for involvement and leadership.