Help With Emailed Publications

Having trouble receiving E-Clips or Section Newsletter emails?

If you are having delivery issues, please start by whitelisting us in your email program.

Whitelist us

If you are not receiving an expected email from us, first whitelist the ISBA. Each email program has a different method of whitelisting. Some might prompt you to add the ISBA to your contacts or to a safe-sender list. Ideally, you want to whitelist to capture any email from us. But, if you must put in a full email address, use

Here are instructions on how to whitelist for some of the more popular email programs. If your email program isn't included in the list, please consult your email program's help option or search the web for the name of your email program and whitelist instructions.

Note to Gmail users: If you don't see our messages in your junk folder, it is possible they are being sent to the "Promotions" tab in Gmail. You can prevent emails from being sent to that tab by right-clicking on the message, selecting "Move to tab," and then choosing "Primary."

Contact us

If you have whitelisted us and the issue persists, please email Members Services. After we confirm that we are sending emails to you, we will forward you information to share with your email-service provider to help resolve the issue.