Articles From Matthew E. Cohn

A license to pollute? People v. Sterigenics By Matthew E. Cohn & William J. Anaya Environmental Law, December 2018 An overview of People v. Sterigenics, in which the state of Illinois alleged that Sterigenics emitted toxic gas into the atmosphere in violation of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.
What is so great about a “No Further Remediation” letter anyway? By Matthew E. Cohn Environmental Law, January 2014 When deciding whether to buy, sell, hold, investigate, remediate, manage, or do anything else with or to your contaminated properties, the most important things to have are good data, good science, good counsel, good motives, and a healthy understanding of your tolerance of risk.
Illinois governor to sign “fracking” law By Matthew E. Cohn Environmental Law, June 2013 Illinois' new fracking law is over 100 pages in length. Some of the significant provisions of the new law are described in this article.
News flash: Illinois Pollution Control Board finally adopts vapor intrusion rules By Matthew E. Cohn Environmental Law, June 2013 On May 16, 2013, the Illinois Pollution Control Board amended the TACO rules to adopt the new indoor inhalation exposure route effective July 15, 2013.

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