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Editors’ note By Patrick J. Hughes & Anthony E. Rothert Human Rights, February 2009 An introduction to the issue from Editors Pat Hughes and Anthony Rothert.
Editor’s notes By Patrick J. Hughes Human Rights, December 2006 Professor Kendall has advised that on December 13, 2006, the UN Plenary of the General Assembly voted to adopt the world’s first convention on the rights of people with disabilities.
MCLE Board Chairman addresses Government Bar Association; Director of MCLE Board chosen By Lee Beneze & Patrick J. Hughes Government Lawyers, June 2006 In February, Jack Brooks, Chairman of the Illinois MCLE Board, spoke to the Government Bar Association, an affiliate of the ISBA.
Senator Durbin’s efforts to obtain loan assistance for prosecutors and defenders continue By Patrick J. Hughes Human Rights, August 2005 Illinois Senior Senator Dick Durbin, who has been exceptionally persistent in the efforts to obtain federal student loan assistance for state and local prosecutors and public defenders, is responsible for the introduction of S.1322 including "Part HH-Loan Repayment for Prosecutors and Public Defenders."
Public defender liability By Patrick J. Hughes Government Lawyers, June 2005 In December 2000, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed that sovereign immunity does not bar an action against the attorneys of the Cook County Public Defender's Office for negligence allegedly committed in the course of representing an indigent criminal defendant, pursuant to an appointment by the circuit court.
Report of the Governor’s Commission on Capital Punishment By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr., Paul A. Logli, & Lynn Patton Government Lawyers, November 2002 Editors' Note: On April 15, 2002, the long-awaited Report of the Governor's Commission on Capital Punishment was released.
“The future of the section” By Patrick J. Hughes Human Rights, June 2002 By the time this reaches you, the ISBA Annual Meeting will be over and this section Council will have concluded its initial meeting of the new ISBA year (2002-2003).
Reducing the burden of student loans—The Career Criminal Justice Attorney Education Expenses Repayment Act—House Bill 5599 By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr. Government Lawyers, April 2002 The Task Force on Professional Practice1 in the Illinois Justice Systems was created by the Illinois legislature to examine the ability of Illinois' criminal and juvenile justice systems to dispense justice in a fair, equitable and just manner.
More Illinois’ criminal justice system developments By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr. Human Rights, June 2000 The Task Force reported upon in the February issue of this newsletter and staffed by this Association's Director of Legislative Affairs, James Covington, has issued its findings and recommendations.
Capital developments in Illinois’ criminal justice system By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr. Government Lawyers, April 2000 Several significant developments in the state's criminal justice system have occurred recently.
More Illinois death penalty developments By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr. Human Rights, April 2000 The February issue of this newsletter reported on recent developments in our State's criminal justice system including two significant death penalty case events: (1) As of January 1, 2000, the creation of the Illinois Capitol Litigation Trust Fund to finance the prosecution and defense of capital trials; and (2) the appointment by the Illinois Supreme Court of a Special Committee on Capital Cases composed of seventeen Illinois judges to study the Illinois death penalty process and that Committee's report and recommendations which are summarized in the February article.
Three developments in Illinois’ criminal justice system By Patrick J. Hughes, Jr. Human Rights, February 2000 Although confident that most of you already are informed about them, as one who has long worked in the Illinois Criminal Justice System (on the defense side), I thought some recapitulation of significant events effecting that system would be useful.

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