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In honor of Miss Minor By Adrienne W. Albrecht Bench and Bar, July 2019 The path for women in the practice of law is not easy.
Meet Chief Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer By Hon. Alfred Swanson, (ret.) Bench and Bar, July 2019 On July 1, Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer became the first woman to be chief judge in the 200-year history of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.
Strong women in law: A reflection on the WBAI Annual Dinner By Niharika Reddy Bench and Bar, July 2019 Reflections on the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois Annual Dinner, which was held on May 30.
Before you run, know the rules and prepare yourself … it may be a bumpy ride! By Judge April G. Troemper and Peter L. Rotskoff Bench and Bar, June 2019 For decades, scholars, professors, members of the judiciary, and the legal community have questioned whether judges should be elected by the public or be appointed based on merit.
Another unfair Chicago enforcement practice By Michael J. Maslanka Bench and Bar, April 2019 A summary of Kooperman v. City of Chicago, et al.
Recent appointments and retirements Bench and Bar, April 2019 Recent changes to Illinois' judiciary.
The Intermediary Program – A 40-year uncompleted project of the Illinois State Bar Association By Michael S. Jordan Bench and Bar, February 2019 An overview of The Intermediary Program.

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