Section Newsletter Articles on Career Advice

ISBA-sponsored navigating your legal career event By Sherry H. Joseph and Colleen E. Mulligan Young Lawyers Division, February 2017 This past fall, attorney, author and career coach Anne Marie Segal gave a presentation to a class full of law students at DePaul University College of Law.
Five ways to enhance your credentials as a new family law practitioner By Marie K. Sarantakis Young Lawyers Division, December 2016 Stuck in a rut? Improve your resume and become more qualified by following these simple tips.
Advice to young attorneys: How to grow your career By Amanda M. Oliver Young Lawyers Division, June 2016 The author shares her tips on how to stand out and get ahead in your career.
Best legal advice given—From a colleague, senior lawyer or layperson By Arlette Porter Family Law, April 2016 On February 23 and 24, 2016, another set of hopefuls” will sit for the Illinois Bar Exam. If all goes well, their registration number will be listed on April 1, 2016. I recall having checked the website and seeing my number appear. My next thought was—NOW WHAT?
How to put your most professional-self forward on voice-mail By Ann Marie Sabath Young Lawyers Division, June 2015 The author shares her voicemail etiquette tips.
DePaul alumni share secrets of success with current law students By Sherry H. Joseph Young Lawyers Division, April 2015 On the Evening of March 19, 2015, five alumni of the University of DePaul College of Law engaged in honest and practical conversations with current law students on the realities of practicing law.
Five things I learned about practicing law, and life in general, after law school By Priscilla Singer Young Lawyers Division, April 2015 The author shares five of the life lessons she's learned so far.
How to be an asset to your firm By Poonam K. Lakhani Young Lawyers Division, April 2015 With a volatile economy where clients are quick to take their business to a competing firm, there are certain steps you can take to make yourself invaluable and irreplaceable.
Save the Date— “Because You’re Worth It! Achieving Advancement and Fair Compensation in the Legal Profession” Women and the Law, April 2015 Save the date-- May 7, 2015-- for this exciting program.
Are you a business person or business professional? By Ann Marie Sabath Young Lawyers Division, February 2015 Seventeen scenarios to help you determine whether you're on the right track to climbing the career ladder.
Should I file a lawsuit or hire a lawyer? By Hon. Joseph D. Panarese Young Lawyers Division, February 2015 A helpful litigation primer to help you avoid some common pitfalls.
There is no such thing as a stupid question By Zachary L. Sorman Young Lawyers Division, February 2015 The author provides a few strategies that might help you decide whether or not your question is worth asking.
What makes an exceptional family law attorney? By Jeanne M. Reynolds Family Law, January 2015 How does a new attorney navigate family law and impress the judge? The author provides her top ten tips, observations, and suggestions.
The importance of being able to sometimes say, “I don’t know” By Tania Richard Young Lawyers Division, October 2014 In a competitive field, admitting you don't have the answer can be perceived as a sign of weakness. But in reality, being honest and willing to find the answer is actually a sign of strength.
Career development and job security: Making yourself an asset to your firm as a new lawyer By Lisa M. Giese Young Lawyers Division, April 2014 Some suggestions on how to distinguish yourself from the masses and advance your legal career.
Good advice on being a lawyer—From someone else By Brion Doherty Young Lawyers Division, December 2013 The author passes along advice he's received from other people over the years.
Adding value to your firm By Bryan J. Wilson Young Lawyers Division, June 2013 Some suggestions to help you become an integral part of your firm.
More things you never learned in law school By Bradford L. Bennett Young Lawyers Division, April 2013 The following are some suggestions a new attorney may find helpful that are not unique to any particular area of law, but those that the author wishes he had known before starting his career.
Things judges love and things they don’t about lawyers By Hon. Robert J. Anderson Family Law, March 2013 A judge's perspective on the things lawyers do well and maybe not quite as well.
Things judges love and things they don’t about lawyers By Hon. Robert J. Anderson Trusts and Estates, March 2013 A judge's perspective on the things lawyers do well and maybe not quite as well.
Navigating a case assigned to the municipal department By Amy Kelly Young Lawyers Division, August 2012 A general outline of the procedures regarding municipal cases in the First Municipal District in which a jury demand has been filed.
Reflections of President John E. Thies By John E. Thies Young Lawyers Division, August 2012 A message from ISBA President John E. Thies to the members of the YLD.
Tips for new associates By Erin Wilson Young Lawyers Division, June 2012 A few guidelines for those just starting out.
Pay it forward By Meghan O’Brien Young Lawyers Division, February 2012 Pay it forward. Do something good for someone now, and in the future, when you need assistance, someone will help you.
Mother, wife, lawyer: A balancing act By Ashley Kwasneski Young Lawyers Division, December 2010 Juggling the demands of parenthood with a successful career.
Surviving in the legal practice By Sonia Munoz Gallagher Young Lawyers Division, December 2010 Six rules to help you be a better and more productive lawyer.
Words of Wisdom By Rebecca E. Cahan Young Lawyers Division, June 2010 Three experienced lawyers reflect on their own career journeys and offer their insight.
Help wanted? Practical advice for landing a job By Robert Fink Young Lawyers Division, December 2008 Some DOs and DONT’s when applying for an associate position with a law firm based.
Five top financial tips for young attorneys By Randall Edgar General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, September 2008 Although any young professional should appreciate sound financial advice, I have written this article to be primarily directed to young attorneys who will face slightly different problems than young business professionals or individuals in other professions.
The top 10 things they did not teach me in law school By Dennis A. Norden Family Law, October 2007 Upon starting the actual practice of our profession, nearly every attorney begins to realize how little he or she knows.