Articles on Client Development

10 steps to curate a professional image online By Corey Varma Young Lawyers Division, October 2015 When someone types your name into a search engine, what will they see? Use these 10 tips to improve what future employers, clients and adversaries may learn about you online.
How effective law firm leadership practices can help you acquire and keep your clients By John W. Olmstead Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, June 2013 Law firms that fail to address leadership issues may find themselves unprepared for the future and unable to acquire new clients and retain existing clients.
Farming more business—Learn something from a video gamer By Jeff Krause Legal Technology, Standing Committee on, June 2012 There is business out there, much of it just waiting for whoever simply makes the effort to pick it up.
Where to look for clients and business or employment opportunities By Lewis F. Matuszewich International and Immigration Law, June 2009 In February of 2007 the ISBA’s International and Immigration Law Section Council met at the offices of Illinois Global Partnership. The officers of IGP explained to the Section Council members the activity and background of the organization.  
How to make your business development breakthroughs in the coming year By Michael Cummings & Barry Schneider Young Lawyers Division, April 2007 Take control of your career by embracing the entrepreneurial mindset and active behavior of a rainmaker.
First impressions have big impacts By Carl R. Draper Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, January 2004 When the new prospective client walks in your office, what is the first impression? What do they see and hear as they sit in the reception area, on the way to your office, and in your office? The answer may not be obvious. An "impression audit" is in order for most offices.
Everyone can generate new clients By Lawrence M. Khon & Robert N. Kohn Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, March 2003 While the obstacles to selling are real, they can be overcome.
How to get more business: 25 tips for marketing the small law firm By Dr. John W. Olmstead, Jr. Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, March 2003 Gone are the days when attorneys simply practiced law. Today, they face increased competition, shrinking demand for services and increasing supply of professional talent, availability of service substitutes, and marketing of professional services.

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