Articles on Illinois Municipal Code

Proposed legislation awards all court costs and attorney fees for appeals filed under Administrative Review Law of decisions of municipal code hearing officers By J.A. Sebastian Administrative Law, July 2014 Read the statute to find out how this proposed legislation could affect you.
Case law update Local Government Law, October 2011 Recent cases of interest to local government practitioners.
Trial practice in municipal code enforcement matters By Patti Gregory-Chang Administrative Law, October 2011 The second and final part in this series addressing how improper actions by municipalities through their employees can lead to liability. This article reviews some tips relative to handling of high volume ordinance or statutory violation matters.
Statutory publication notice provision inadequate to afford due process in this zoning case By Kimberly L. Dahlen Civil Practice and Procedure, May 2010 In a recent decision, the Illinois Supreme Court held that the notice provided by the City of Zion in this zoning case did not satisfy due process requirements pursuant to the Illinois Municipal Code.

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