Articles on Work-Life Balance

Chair’s column: Take a break By Tamika Walker Family Law, September 2017 A message from Family Law Section Chair Tamika Walker.
Taking care of your mental health By Nicole Sartori Law Office Management and Economics, Standing Committee on, September 2017 Managing your law practice can leave you with little time and even more stress. That stress can be paralyzing, and can lead to anxiety, depression or a host of other mental health issues.
Chair’s column: Early 2017—Time to reflect, adjust and balance your life By Ebony R. Huddleston General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, March 2017 The beginning of 2017 provides a great opportunity to review and evaluate our practice.
Letting go of guilt By Kristen Prinz Women and the Law, December 2016 There never seems to be enough time to be the best lawyer, leader, mother and wife.
Legal comedy: 101 By Jenny R. Jeltes Women and the Law, October 2016 Standup is terrifying. But so is being a lawyer. If I’ve already done one, why not try the other?
Balancing the Scales By Erin Wilson Women and the Law, June 2016 The first installment of a regular new column addressing work-life balance.
Will we ever be able to go on vacation again? By Richard D. Hannigan Workers' Compensation Law, April 2016 When you go on vacation are you taking a complete rest from work?
Back after baby By Julie A. Neubauer Women and the Law, October 2015 New mom Julie Neubauer shares her experiences with going back to work.
Lawyers: Don’t forget the importance of being ‘present’ By Lyndsay Markley Young Lawyers Division, October 2015 The author attended a seminar earlier this year and was reminded of the importance to slow down and remember what truly matters.
Life events Women and the Law, October 2015 This new regular column highlights the important events in the lives of the members of the ISBA's Women and the Law Committee.
Practical advice for new lawyers By Kyle Stevens Young Lawyers Division, October 2015 The author shares the four items of advice he wishes he'd received when he was first admitted to practice.
Five methods to transcend from zealous to zen By Marie K. Sarantakis Young Lawyers Division, August 2015 A few ideas to empower you to become more resilient and centered in an ever-connected and fast-paced world.
Being a young lawyer with kids—Enhancing work-life balance By Joshua D. Herman Young Lawyers Division, June 2015 Some suggestions for a successful "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day."
Unique opportunities in the legal profession for moms By Jennifer A. Haase Young Lawyers Division, April 2015 Does the legal profession get an unfair reputation when it comes to offering flexibility and alternative options for working mothers?
Travel tips 101 By Don Mateer Senior Lawyers, February 2015 The author shares some pointers for those who may be traveling abroad for the first time.
Getting your financial house in order: Five financial tips for new lawyers By Priscilla Singer Young Lawyers Division, April 2014 The author recommends ways for new lawyers to manage debt and make the transition into the working world.
Character and fitness: Why young lawyers need to dedicate time to improving their physical health By Christopher Niro Young Lawyers Division, August 2013 The author advocates exercise and personal health as a way to actually improve your work and productivity.
“All” is in the eye of the beholder By Valerie Lipic Women and the Law, December 2012 Author Valerie Lipic discusses her struggles to find the perfect work-life balance.
Just be normal By Maxine Weiss Kunz Young Lawyers Division, June 2012 Lawyers have a certain language which benefits our trade and can alienate others. But once outside of your professional life, the author advises you should make an effort to to step out of your lawyer shoes and converse like a “normal person” in your day-to-day interactions.
Tips on practicing with family By Krysia W. Ressler Young Lawyers Division, April 2012 Having practiced with her dad for six years, the author knows the challenges and rewards that can come with working closely with a family member.
Adjusting to the practice of law: A five-year reflection By Ebony R. Huddleston General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, February 2012 As a new attorney in a small firm, author Ebony Huddleston has discovered three important things for which law school could not have prepared her.
Productivity isn’t everything: Letter to the Editor By Jewel N. Klein General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm, July 2011 In the December issue of this newsletter, Editor John T. Phipps explained how technological advances can make lawyers more productive. Author Jewel Klein doesn't disagree, but does have some second thoughts.
Searching for the Holy Grail (a.k.a., the Work-Life Balance) By Douglas F. McMeyer Young Lawyers Division, April 2011 The successful balance between career and personal life is something every attorney strives to find. This article provides tips and suggestions to help lawyers in their search.
Mother, wife, lawyer: A balancing act By Ashley Kwasneski Young Lawyers Division, December 2010 Juggling the demands of parenthood with a successful career.
Attorneys: Get on your hobby horse! By Valerie Sherman Women and the Law, October 2010 The benefits of having at least one hobby are huge, especially to attorneys, whose stress levels, happiness, and health are often cited as some of the worst of any profession.
Getting off the teeter-totter—Work/life balance, another perspective By Sandra Crawford Women and the Law, September 2009 In June the author attended the 17th Annual Conference of the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, held in Chicago.
Spring 2009: Launch of The Legal Balance By Erica Zalokar Women and the Law, May 2009 Get involved with a new resource for women attorneys to be launched this spring!
Lawn Rangers Inaugural Report By Thomas A. Bruno Human Rights, February 2009 A lighthearted story from author Thomas Bruno.
Acupuncture: What, When, Why and How? By Dr. Shanna Fritsch Women and the Law, March 2008 For thousands of years, Eastern Medicine has used acupuncture to treat everything, including emotional disorders, pain, analgesia and wrinkle reduction.
Lawyers’ lives in balance: Developing your plan and tips for staying energized & productive By John W. Olmstead Family Law, December 2007 It is much easier to begin your life and career with balance that it is to try to bring your life back into balance later in life.


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