Task Force on Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)

The Task Force on Unauthorized Practice of Law seeks out, identifies, and remedies injuries to the public and to the integrity of the profession caused by the unauthorized practice of law.

The Task Force on Unauthorized Practice of Law receives, reviews, investigates, and acts on complaints alleging the unauthorized practice of law by individuals or entities not licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois, and assists in educating attorneys, judges, and the public regarding unauthorized practice of law issues. It must be noted that while the Task Force on Unauthorized Practice of Law may conduct preliminary investigations of complaints, it does not act as counsel for complainants or provide them with legal services or advice.

The Task Force on Unauthorized Practice of Law does not accept complaints against attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois or other jurisdictions. Any complaints against attorneys should be directed to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, an agency of the Illinois Supreme Court vested with the authority to investigate allegations of attorney misconduct: www.iardc.org.

Visit our Unauthorized Practice of Law page for Information about the ISBA's efforts to combat the unauthorized practice of law

Request for Investigation of UPL

If you believe you have been the victim of UPL or would otherwise like to alert the ISBA about persons engaged in UPL, please complete the Request for Investigation of Unauthorized Practice of Law form. When received and reviewed, the ISBA’s UPL Task Force will take whatever action it believes is warranted or necessary. Typically, the Task Force will communicate with the person alleged to be engaging in UPL and determine if in fact UPL is occurring. If it is, the Task Force will seek to end the inappropriate conduct or refer the matter to other prosecutorial entities. If the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the ISBA may initiate formal legal action. Your Request for Investigation may be anonymous, but that may hamper any Task Force investigation. You will be notified of the Task Force’s actions.

Request UPL Investigation

If you have any questions please contact us at:

Illinois State Bar Association
Attention: Task Force on Unauthorized Practice of Law
Illinois Bar Center
424 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62701-1779
(800) 252-8908 or (217) 525-1760
Fax: (217) 525-9063

Committee Roster

  • Jeffrey D. Richardson, Richardson & Richardson, Decatur, Chair
  • Scott A. Kozlov, Arlington Heights, Vice-Chair
  • Anita M. DeCarlo, Ankin Law Office LLC, Chicago, Secretary
  • Hon. Joel L. Chupack, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago, Ex-Officio
  • William J. Anaya, UB Greensfelder LLP, Chicago, Member
  • Dennis R. Bordyn, Bordyn Law Offices PC, Saint Augustine, Member
  • Kevin P. Camden, Camden Law Office LLC, Downers Grove, Member
  • Dana M. Considine, Ehrmann Gehlbach Badger & Considine LLC, Dixon, Member
  • Kelli Fennell, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • Keith E. Fruehling, Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen, Champaign, Member
  • Mauro Glorioso, Westchester, Member
  • Jack A. Hertz, Mitchell & Allen, Northbrook, Member
  • Edward Jarot, Jr., Castle Law, Joliet, Member
  • Hon. Julie K. Katz, Swansea, Member
  • Timothy E. Moran, Schmidt Salzman & Moran Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • John K. Norris, Law Offices of John K Norris Ltd, Wood Dale, Member
  • Ralph J. Schumann, Law Offices of Ralph J Schumann, Schaumburg, Member
  • Lisa K. Wiemken, North Shore Divorce Mediations and Family Law LLC, Skokie, Member
  • Richard W. Zuckerman, Law Offices of Richard W Zuckerman, Peoria, Member
  • Hon. Tamika R. Walker, State of Illinois, Rockford, Board Liaison
  • Krista L. Appenzeller, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison
  • Charles J. Northrup, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison