Request for Investigation of Unauthorized Practice of Law

Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) refers to the practice of law in Illinois without being licensed to practice in Illinois. If you believe you have been the victim of UPL or would otherwise like to alert the ISBA about persons engaged in UPL, please complete the form below.

The Illinois State Bar Association is a voluntary bar association and has no statutory or regulatory role relating to the registration or discipline of attorneys in Illinois. Under Illinois law, these matters are handled by Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission. You may look up an attorney and file a complaint on the ARDC website.

Contact Information of Person Making Complaint
Please note that you do not have to be an ISBA member to submit a request for investigation.
Explain the Complaint
Person/entity who you believe is practicing law without being a licensed Illinois lawyer
This form is to make complaints about the practice of law in Illinois by those not licensed to practice in Illinois. You may look up attorneys on the ARDC website and file complaints there about licensed attorneys.
If yes
If your request relates to a court case, please provide the following

If you have documents (e.g., a written agreement) that support your complaint, please send by any of these methods: