2000 Articles

Recent section council meetings February 2000 The Chair, Claire Manning, presented an award to outgoing Chair Lance Jones. She and guest Robert John Kane reported on developments regarding administrative rules legislation considered at the spring session of the General Assembly.
Remand for presentation of new evidence August 2000 Morelli, a Will County deputy sheriff, was terminated by the Sheriff's Office Merit Commission after he was charged with conduct unbecoming an officer and other offenses.
Standard of review: employee vs. independent contractor October 2000 Illinois appellate courts are far from being in unanimous agreement as to the standard of review to apply to administrative decisions involving mixed questions of fact and law.
State Gift Ban Act—Governor’s Ethics Commission March 2000 The State Gift Ban Act became effective January 1, 1999. This new Act prohibits Illinois governmental employees, elected officials and specific family members from receiving gifts from prohibited sources with some exceptions. Pursuant to the Act, the Governor's Ethics Commission has published the following informational material.
Statutory developments By Robert John Kane March 2000 The Illinois Administrative Procedure Act (IAPA) (5 ILCS 100/1-1 et seq.) has been amended by two public acts.
“Taking the Fifth” at an administrative hearing By Rosalyn B. Kaplan April 2000 During contested cases before administrative tribunals, it sometimes happens that a witness refuses to testify on the ground that his answer might tend to incriminate him.
Timeliness of an appeal from an administrative review decision July 2000 In most cases, there is no question as to whether a particular order issued by an administrative agency is final and appealable.
Timeliness of petition for administrative review May 2000 Following the issuance of an arbitrator's decision denying Campbell-Peterson's workers' compensation claim, the employer moved to correct clerical errors that had resulted in the omission of certain information.