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ABA Florida State University: contains some excellent historical documents that are still occasionally cited including all of the Recommendations of the Administrative Conference of the United States, the 1941 Attorney General's Report on the Adminstrative Procedure Act ( the primary source document for the Federal APA) and the 1947 Attorney General's Manual on the Administrative Procedure Act which is considered an authoritative guide to the original intent of the Congress when the Federal APA was originally adopted.

Willamette Law School has several helpful listservs including one for Supreme Court news.

The Circuit Court of Cook County provides pro se Administrative Review forms. Go to: and run a forms search by title on "Administrative Review".

Web Resources for the Administrative Law Practitioner by Jean Wenger

Legal Dictionaries:

Legal Writing in Plain English by Bryan A. Garner

There is a database of all the state registers similar to the federal register published at Virtually all state administrative agency rules may be accessed here.