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The newsletter of ISBA’s Section on Administrative Law

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Newsletter Articles From 2012

Independent Tax Tribunal Act By William A. Price July 2012 An overview of the Tax Tribunal, whose jurisdiction will commence on July 1 of next year.
ISBA and ABA on the Hill By Hon. Ann Breen-Greco June 2012 A recap of ABA Day on the Hill, to which the ISBA always sends a delegation.
“The law of the case” in complex administrative appeals: A comment on People ex. rel. Madigan v. Illinois Commerce Commission By William A. Price June 2012 If the substantive legal issues in an administrative appeal have already been decided in a case that can be shown to be “ part of the same proceedings,” then collateral estoppel and “law of the case” may end the judicial process.
March matters worth your time… By J.A. Sebastian March 2012 Mark your calendar for three important and fast-approaching events!
Mentoring matters By Hon. Debra B. Walker June 2012 Given that CLE credit is now available for mentoring programs for both the mentor and the mentee, there is no better time to launch an official mentoring program at your firm, your alma mater, or your bar association.
NCALJ program—Finding Representation For the Unrepresented in Administrative Hearings By Hon. Ann Breen-Greco September 2012 A summary of the program recently held by the American Bar Association’s Judicial Division’s National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary.
New Illinois Tax Tribunal authorized By William A. Price January 2012 The General Assembly took some time for administrative law and other matters when passing the Sears and CME tax breaks. Public Act 097-636 creates an Independent Tax Tribunal Board as of July 1, 2103, to hear protests of notices of tax liability and notices of deficiency for all taxes administered by the Illinois Department of Revenue.
An overview of the appointment process for Illinois Boards and Commissions By Tracy Douglas October 2012 This article addresses the appointment process, laws relating to appointments and boards that may be of interest to Illinois lawyers.
A Primer on Administrative Law and Rulemaking September 2012 Register now for this important CLE program taking place on October 10th and 11th.
Protecting your identity By Ella York May 2012 Some suggestions on how to protect yourself from identity theft.
Rules and Regulations for the City of Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings By Patti Gregory-Chang January 2012 An overview of the Rules and Regulations for the City of Chicago Department of Administrative Hearings. 
Some perspective on modification of the nullity rule: Downtown Disposal Services, Inc. v. City of Chicago By Marc Christopher Loro April 2012 In February 2011, the First District Appellate Court published an opinion in which it held, among other things, that the “nullity rule” (hereinafter, the NR), did not require the circuit court to dismiss a complaint for administrative review that had been filed by the president of the corporation seeking the review.
State and federal regulatory agendas By William A. Price June 2012 Some useful information about where to find state and federal regulatory agendas online.
Supreme Court addresses access to courts for administrative compliance challenges By William A. Price June 2012 An update on Sackett v. USEPA.
Taking the War Out of Our Words: The Art of Powerful Non-Defensive Communication by Sharon Ellison By Angela Evans May 2012 This book transforms the valuable lesson that you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar into a powerful, practical, and useful tool.
Three reasons why I read administrative law cases (And what you can learn from them) By Jewel N. Klein March 2012 The author explains her love for administrative law cases.
U.S. Supreme Court rules that APA provides for judicial review in Sackett v. EPA By J.A. Sebastian May 2012 An update in the case of Sackett v. EPA.
U.S. Supreme Court to rule on administrative citations By William A. Price February 2012 An overview of the case of Sackett v. EPA.
The Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic—Helping the nation’s veterans By Angelique Palmer and Yolaine Dauphin March 2012 The VLSC trains students and attorneys throughout the State of Illinois through Continuing Legal Education programs and Veteran Advocacy training.
We’ve come a long way, i-baby By Janice L. Boback January 2012 The author highlights some of the most useful apps for the iPad both in and outside of her practice.
Whistleblower Act decisions By Jewel N. Klein March 2012 A summary of the creatively argued case, Brame v. City of North Chicago.
Writ of certiorari By Carl R. Draper March 2012 The writ of certiorari is a good alternative to administrative review when the administrative review law is inapplicable. This article contains a form complaint for the common law writ of certiorari for review of administrative decisions when the Administrative Review Law (735 ILCS 5/3) does not apply. The form gives a general framework for such a pleading. It has suggested paragraphs that help remind you of some of the most relevant steps in filing that pleading. This complaint is designed for use in CIRCUIT COURT.