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Newsletter Articles From 2013

New Illinois Evidence Rule 502 By Jeffrey A. Parness March 2013 Effective January 1, 2013, new Illinois Evidence Rule 502 establishes standards on losses of attorney-client privilege and work-product protection via disclosure.
The new Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal By Tracy Douglas April 2013 An overview of the new state agency, which will be up and running on July 1st of this year.
No good deed goes unpunished: HB 2832 will imbue the county recorder with unprecedented powers that will wreak havoc on real estate transactions By Adam B. Whiteman May 2013 The Illinois House has recently passed HB 2832, a bill which, if it becomes law, will create problems that will far outweigh its potential benefit.
Outgoing Chair Sheila J. Harrell honored with presentation July 2013 At the 137th Annual Meeting of the ISBA, incoming chair of the Administrative Law Section Council Yolaine M. Dauphin presented a plaque to outgoing chair Sheila J. Harrell for her service for the2012-2013 term year. 
Practice tip: Attention to detail—A shift in response requirements for requests to admit By Jay Schultz February 2013 In Oelze v. Score Sports Venture, the court determined that asserting a lack of information or knowledge via boilerplate responses to requests to admit will not suffice.
Red light cameras upheld in unpublished order By Patti Gregory-Chang February 2013 The First District recently entered an interesting order in Keating v. City of Chicago. This case involved tickets issued as a result of red light camera footage.
Service by e-mail approved by the Illinois Supreme Court By J.A. Sebastian February 2013 Effective January 1, 2013, Supreme Court Rules 11, 12, and 131 were amended.
Standards for administrative review By Jewel N. Klein December 2013 Two recent cases, Medina Nursing Center, Inc. v. Health Facilities and Services Review Board and Heabler v. Ill. Dep’t. of Finance & Professional Regulations, offer important insights into the standards that the appellate courts use when reviewing administrative agency decisions.
State Journal-Register v. University of Illinois Springfield: Journalism or sensationalism – The Appellate Court weighs in By Yolaine Dauphin December 2013 In this case, the Journal had published articles on a sex scandal involving coaches at UIS, and sought additional information to continue its coverage of the story.
U.S. Supreme Court decisions with administrative law issues, October Term 2012 By William A. Price August 2013 This is the first in a planned series of case notes on the full Court term. This first article covers cases where the first party’s name (the appellant) begins with “A” through “D” in the listing of cases contained in the ABA Preview of US Supreme Court Cases, 2012-2013 term.
Whistleblower Act decision By Jewel N. Klein January 2013 The creativity of lawyers never ceases to amaze, although new theories and arguments are not always successful. Brame v. City of North Chicago, is one such example.