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The newsletter of ISBA’s Section on Administrative Law

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Newsletter Articles From 2015

Stage set for November Statewide Symposium on College Sexual Assaults By Yolaine Dauphin October 2015 Save the date for this important day-long seminar on November 6. 
Supreme Court applies sovereign immunity exception to university disciplinary investigation By Tracy Douglas September 2015 In an interesting case for administrative law practitioners, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled circuit courts have jurisdiction over equitable claims against state universities.
Supreme Court resolves split on meaning of election board service of process By Tracy Douglas November 2015 The case of Bettis v. Marsaglia resolved the split among the appellate courts about how to comply with serving an electoral board with notice of a lawsuit seeking judicial review.
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project: Housing advocates’ desperate fight to keep disparate impact alive By Leodis McCray and Ayesha Patel May 2015 A look at the parties’ arguments in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and the possible effects on the Fair Housing Act litigation landscape in the event the Supreme Court finds that disparate impact claims are out of the Act’s parameters.
A trio of cases By Barbara J. Bell March 2015 Summaries of Baldermann v. Chicago Ridge Police Pension Board, Ron James v. the Board of Education of the City of Chicago et al, and Kinsella v. Board of Education of the City of Chicago.
Winston and Lockett: The legacy continues By Carl R. Draper May 2015 Two of the most important decisions to understand have been specifically identified as potential traps for the unwary when filing a complaint under the Administrative Review Law.